Thursday, November 03, 2005

SONY puts virus-like software on your PC!

Read Mark Russinovich's article on Sony's DRM CD applications. To you non-techie readers, the concept is:

a) Sony, in it's fight against piracy, decides to implement Digital Rights Management (DRM) on it's CDs.
b) It creates CDS that won't run directly on your PC - you have to run a special media player (from First 4 Internet (F4I) ) to play these files.
c) How does F4I do it? When you insert your CD into your PC, the CD will "autorun" - in this case, a special software is installed on your PC.
d) This software is dangerous: It hides files on your own PC, eats system resources, and is running in your PC in the background even when you are not using a SONY CD.

You can't uninstall it normally. If you try deleting the files, your CD ROM drive will stop working. Ha.

Do you know if your PC has been attacked? Create a file called $sys$test.txt - if it vanishes, you're "infected".

How could SONY do something so stupid? Has DRM gone too far? Now they will tell us what files we should be viewing and what not, just because some people have copied their CDs? I refuse to buy Sony CDs anymore.


Blogger Minkey Chief said...

What?? And this is after they suddenly started coming out with copy-protected CDs that actually weren't CDs at all because they were in complete defiance of the original Redbook standard. The reactions on most audio forums are that all these measures actually drive people to download illegally. Morons - don't make it hard for us to stay legal.

10:24 PM, November 03, 2005  

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