Monday, October 17, 2005

Why not buses????

Someone's figured out that SUV's are injurious to health. They (some doctors in the US) are demanding that SUVs come with a label like those found in cigarettes, because their hoods are higher. People are more liable to die, they say, from the larger hood which hits their "critical" organs - rather than those that die from a regular car which will only break their legs.

In the same vein, all buses and trucks should have a MASSIVE banner because, let's face it, the size of those monsters will encompass ALL your organs, critical or otherwise. Indian buses should be treated like they'll spontaneously combust, which they sometimes will do.

In unrelated news, George Bush was run over by an SUV today but luckily, survived. "He fell on his head", said the doctors, "and there weren't any critical organs there." Small mercies.


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