Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Nimish Adani Episode

Nimish Adani, a Business Development Manager at Izmo cars, wrote a long post about the Brutality he faced in the railway station in Bangalore. In brief, he alleged that the TTE, along with Railway Protection Force (RPF) employees, roughed him up for no reason at all. They took him to a room and slapped him, beat him with sticks and crushed his glasses. Then a man named V. Srinivas, he said, tried to defraud him.

That post created ripples in Bangalore Online - Ryze members offered all sorts of help, and pushed the case through so Nimish could get justice. The case even got published in Deccan Herald and in the Times of India.

The Railway officials then swing into action. They find "Srinivas" and suspend the TTEs and four RPF personnel.

All good? Not quite. Soon, Nimish withdraws his complaint. The Railway folks say Nimish was drunk and had misbehaved, and didn't have a platform ticket. Even then, they say, the TTE/RPF behaviour was inexcusable, and transferred/penalized the officials.

Who's right? Nimish explains his side on his blog.

But there are nagging doubts:

  • Why did Nimish not take a written apology?
  • Which of these scenarios do you think really happened? (See First Post)
  • I've heard of terrible police brutality, but it never seems to happen to the "well heeled". I've been stopped at 3 AM in a car by cops, and if they'd wanted they could've shot me and no one would know - but they just checked for alcohol and found out I was just a geek staying late at the office. They let me go.
  • Why did Nimish withdraw after taking help from so many people, without any evidence to offer them?

If what Nimish is saying is correct, I hope he realizes he is going to be known as the wolf cryer because he's left the online world with no proof.

If Nimish was drunk and did assault the TTE, then we, the suspecting public, has been taken for a ride.

Take your pick.


Blogger SUPERCZAR said...

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4:05 PM, October 21, 2005  
Blogger SUPERCZAR said...

Dunno how relevant this is....But then for most of the online community,
Nimish Adani is just a name and a faceless blogger ....
Maybe this would help you guys know a lil more bout his personality....

His nick on campus was Bachha
(Kiddo for the benefit of non-hindi speakers')
He was one of the sweetest, nicest, sharpest ( as in sharp brained) & naivest guys on the IIM Lucknow campus....
Wonder why such bad things happen to good people.....

And for those who are crying hoarse about a good cause gone wasted....Wait till you need to go do the rounds of the police stations everymorning and wait till late afternoon twiddling your thumb waiting for the mai-baaps to come ....

And for the lame bas%$ards who proclaim Nimish was drunk, I can't wait to see them gng down to drop their mom-in-law at the railway station in an inebriated condition....

5:13 PM, October 21, 2005  

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