Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Your fly is undone

So Gaurav's discovered the football urinals. I had blogged about something like this a long time back, though I was actually talking about Dutch toilets. Essentially, they have a "fly" painted into the urinal at a strategic place, and theyve found that men (no, "guys") will actually *aim* at the fly. And that reduced spillage by 80%!

But football is far more exciting, I agree. I'd probably hold it a while longer so I can score more goals. Hey, let's just think about this - implement it in an office and in a few days all guys are walking knock kneed, and slightly bent over. "Why are you walking like this?" "Sandeep scored 7 goals yesterday, I'm saving it to beat that". The girls will probably have a fit.

While we're on this page, check out Korean instructions for men's urinals. And Some Guys are under some Serious Pressure. Maybe that's why they invented *this*.


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