Thursday, October 13, 2005

Legal notices, weird antecedents and more...

IIPM wise: It ain't over till it's over.

Varna gets a legal notice. Another one of them Notarized Emails. I'm jealous.

The notice says:
Despite our public warning to thereof known as JAM magazine and Mr. Gaurav Sabnis...

We think this is written by a legal person with too much too drink.

Also they've demanded 175 crores.
Nice. I can do it too. I demand Rs. 5,000 crores from IIPM for falsifying ads, for using a survey result that is invalid. I'm rich!

Just as an aside, Varna's blog is named "Ubi Dubium Ibi Libertas", which means "Where there is doubt there is freedom". There is also the well known "Ubi Dubyaum Ibi Dilbertas" - "Where these is George Bush, there is management chaos" - telling us how forward thinking the latin folks were.

Now we have Selective Amnesia talking about a personal account of IIPM - that it was more interested in getting its students in rather than actually filtering them out in the GD/Interview process. If you can pay, you're in. Frankly, there's nothing wrong with that - there are scores of educational institutes and even companies that will take you on board if you're willing to pay, no matter who you are. It *is* your choice, and if there's a sucker willing to fall for it so be it. Everyone who pays 13K for a Bangalore-Delhi flight now is a sucker, period, and we don't see anyone screaming their heads off at Jet Airways.

A few words about Arindham Choudhary, formerly known as Alternating Current. AC, the name lazy bloggers are now calling him, since its easier to type and not muck up spelling, is now on the firing line. AC seems to have become the butt of a few jokes and I have come to the conclusion that he can't write - from his book excerpt at For instance, he writes, in BOLD, "Complacency in my opinion is the biggest problem in India".

I'll leave him to it. He's won a Gold Medal from IIPM, after all.


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