Monday, October 24, 2005

Murthy vs. the mad dog?

I got this on email and I'm going to shamlessly post it:

Now, back to reality. Bangalore is flooded. Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink.

IIPM Update: Businessworld investigates. (Needs free registration, but you can use bugmenot to avoid) Essentially:

1) AC asks BW to investigate "independently". AC promises to provide answers etc. BW asks for details on placements, faculty, study tours etc. and gets a statement saying someone is a liar and a thief, and they replied "But I only lied about being a thief"...or maybe that was another movie.

2) BW gets irritated, and conducts its own investigation. Notes that hi-fi stuff like swimming pool, amphitheater, minigolf course etc. only exist at Delhi "campus", which IIPM claims is their only campus, the rest are "branches". How stupid do they think we are?

3) IIPM faculty is almost entirely ex IIPMers. That's no big deal. But funda is - this is how they're employed. Planman consulting hires them and contracts out to IIPM to teach. "We use consultants with vast consulting experience" says Arindam Chaudhari - more like "waste consulting experience" if teaching at IIPM *is* the experience. External faculty is a sham; they do a one show at their auditorium. If this is the criteria, my college has had "faculty" from every corner of the world.

Isn't the earth round? They why the F do they call it "corner of the world"? Which dumbfuck invented the term?

4) Placements are a no no, says BW. AC says he never claimed these companies come for campus placements - only that these companies have IIPM students. Some companies allegedly had IIPM students, but they allegedly applied independently. IIPM allegedly doesn't know their salaries also, or didn't want to tell. We've decided we don't like the word "allegedly" so we will stop using it.

5) IIPM doesn't like rankings because "they have a mindset problem" but claims #2, #8 etc. positions on any ranking that will place them in the top 10. (That's because they can only count till 9 I guess)

It's actually worse than this, in the sense that Arindam Chaudhari's repus-tation is mauled in the article. But in true filmy parlance, 'Be-izzat to woh hote hain jinki koi izzat ho'.


Blogger The Arbit Council said...

heh nice..

gr8 blog mate

9:33 AM, October 25, 2005  
Blogger Minkey Chief said...

'Pon my racine posterior, you're a funny man.

3:04 AM, October 28, 2005  

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