Thursday, October 20, 2005

"We don't like you, Wikipedia"

It seems some "joker" tried to delete all the information of the controversy from Wikipedia's IIPM page. Turns out the joker is from the domain - check out the Alert section. I don't blame 'em for trying but you know what, Wikipedians weren't born yesterday.

(Or maybe there were, and they're going to come for me when they're old enough to.)

Thalassa Mikra has done some astounding Google + Email + FriendCircleInBarcelona research. I'll summarize:

IIPM's alliances page mentions "Mr. Roland H. Baumberger (Vice-President & Head HR, Sulzer, Europe)" and he says they let IIPM students visit their HQ in Switzerland. Same kinda thing with the Jean-Daniel Pasche, President, Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry.

Nestle's Niels Christiansen (Director, Public Affairs, Nestle Worldwide) denies any association, and Mr. Thomas Schelling (Head, Asia-Oceania-Africa, Nestle Worldwide) is going to take up the name-on-site issue.

Dr. Miles Dodd (Senior Advisor, INSEAD, France) seems to have No links anymore, only a lecture six years ago in Geneva. He doesn't like the IIPM guys using his name, no sir.

It's starting to smell.


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