Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Amit Kapoor is for real

There are some IIPM blogs that claim that there is no such person as Kautilya. Well, there is: and you can find him on the IIML site.

I find these IIPM blogs ridiculous - they're big shit, no chief. I love a good blog fight, but this ain't it: the IIPM supporting blogs have the language skills of a retarded rat. Their idea of debating is to fling mud on a person, not an argument: and the argument, in my opinion, is the fact that IIPM MISREPRESENTS SURVEY RESULTS THAT ARE INVALIDATED. Don't join IIPM. Ever.

Editors Note: We have received a legal notice from the Association of Retarded Rats claiming that their language skills are misrepresented. After careful research, we find that retarted rats are far better.


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