Tuesday, October 11, 2005

IIPM: Are they for real?

You probably already know about The Great IIPM Wars. If you don't, here's the corporate summary:

1) JAM Magazine Exposes IIPM. Says that IIPM uses outdated info (#8 Ranked School) for their ads. Says the campus claims are bunk - they don't have no swimming pool, and the library don't have no Wi-Fi. Says Free laptops are available if you pay the 4.86 lakh plus fee. (*) Says placements info is rigged, companies say they've never even been to IIPM and so on.

(*) Incidentally, if you think getting a free laptop after paying 4.86 lakhs is cool, I have a bridge I can sell you.

2) IIPM staffers barge into Rashmi Bansal's office and get angry and all. So sad. But they also send her the mother of all papers: the legal notice. This I get from Amit Verma's post; he says he's talked to her, but if you want to get all legal about this, it IS hearsay.

3) In the lines of Kyonki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, we have a bold entry from the outside. Gaurav Sabnis, an innocent bystander till now, notices all that's happening and makes a dramatic post about "the fraud that is IIPM". Now this ruffles the IIPM feathers to no end, assuming they are of the avian species. ("Fly by night" comes to mind...no, I won't go there yet)

4) Some so-called IIPMers, in the spirit of a free internet with no restrictions on grammar and spelling, post countless comments on Gaurav's and Rashmi's blogs. Some of these comments are unprintable, though it must be said that some of them are "open to any sex", or "mad guy who will search you physically". To each his own I guess.

5) Now IIPM gets into the act. Obvious to you Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki viewers, but we, the unsuspecting public, need help. They send Gaurav a legal notice which is amazing, except it was sent by "judicially notarized email". Technology happens when I'm sleeping darnit - I want a judicially notarized email!!!

6) Mr. Sabnis published all that - and of course proceeded to grind the email to dust. Pretty good job. Which musta reeely ticked the IIPMers off, so someone out there started a blog saying they are the "RealGauravSabnis". Will The Real Gaurav Sabnis please stand up? And add some Spaces to his name?

7) IIPMers then get all fired up, and threaten to burn IBM laptops in front of the IBM office where Gaurav works. I'm guessing they were the free laptops, that some poor student paid for. Anyways, this is not an economics lesson, but if you're in business you see where this is going. So IBM gets all frowny faced, but stands by Gaurav in that it's all his personal opinion and nothing to do with the company. They don't say "screw you, you can burn the laptops but you'll just come back and buy some more" - because I guess that is not the IBM way. So Gaurav, to project the izzat of his employer, resigns from IBM.

And IBM said ok. What a bunch of goofheads. Standing by an employee who has the integrity to quit is the least a company like IBM could do - so what if Lenovo can't sell a few PCs. This thing is going to blow over and what will be left is who chose to stand their ground. IBM, a frikking megalith, wilts and the lone ranger braves it.

8) The whole world starts commenting. Me too. I won't put all the links here, because I'm bored. But keep your eyes on this page.

Note: I don't watch the aforementioned Soaps. I hate 'em. But every woman over the age of 50, eg. my mum, will not allow you to change channels when they're on and I'm at her house.


Blogger rakesh said...

unknown indian
i read your blog on iipm,nice article guy,have u seen the movie"rok sako to rok lo" satrring sunny deol and directed by revered arindam choudhary.after seeing this movie(in batches spred over few days) i came to know how the managemenr of iipm works,so if u want to know how iipm management works,i request u to see this movie

6:14 PM, January 16, 2006  

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