Tuesday, October 11, 2005

IIPM: a War Zone Now.

Yes, yes. The blogosphere, pardon my French, is pissed. (What is a blogosphere? We don't know. We think it must not refer to bloggers who are spherical, because that is not very nice to us.)

So this IIPM thing is going N-U-T-S. We therefore request all blogizens (see? I can do it too!) to go by a couple ground rules.
1) It's "Libel", not Slander. If anything's written as fact and is not one, it is libellious. Slander refers to the spoken version of libel, with some additional complications but we won't get there.
2) IIPM students are not at fault. When I say IIPM'ers, I refer to the folks who run IIPM; not the poor guy whose laptop they intended to burn. When you scream, please note that
a) some poor little rich guy got it in the wrong end after reading tales of the ponytailed guru that can hatch chickens.
b) that poor little rich guy is not going to be liking it when you're trying to shove something up alongside.

So, stick with the guns and keep em loaded. But don't shoot the wrong guy.

That's me coming off my soapbox. Back to ground level, or like the IIPM site likes to say:
Level 0, Deepak Shenoy Soapbox #1.

Who's talking? Gazillions of people. Read
http://www.desipundit.com/2005/10/08/lies-damned-lies-and-fake-blogs/ and http://sambharmafia.blogspot.com/2005/10/join-fight-against-iipm-and-string-of.html

For a massive list of bloggers who are spherical. The count is growing.

Count your blogs before they Chicken.


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