Monday, November 07, 2005

"Can't say"

I was in Delhi, watching the cricket matches on Doordarshan. DD loves to put ads everywhere. After the cricket match I had to tear away stickers of Alpenliebe from the BACK of the TV. But I digress.

Every few minutes, Reliance had these little surveys - "Will Atapattu score a half-century? SMS A for Yes, B for No and C for Can't Say".

"Can't Say" ?????

Who the F*** is sending an SMS to Reliance, at an absurdly high charge, answering that they "can't say"? Why are these people being allowed inside the gene pool?

Well, turns out Reliance figured this out by themselves and in the last one-dayer, had only options A and B. "Are you wearing underwear? SMS A for Yes, SMS B for No". (Because you can say.)

Also they moved from :

"Who will Win the Match? A: India, B: SriLanka C: Tie"

to "When will Sri Lanka win? A:>48 overs, B: < 48 overs"

when SL still had 30 or so runs to win. (Reality: SL Won in the 48th Over)

If they're riggin' it, Reliance is diggin' it.


Blogger The Bathroom Singer said...

oh heck! I noticed that too.. teh can't say thingie.. right after that bugger mohinder amarnath was singing during the fourth "Empire" (I swear that was the spelling they had once)

5:39 PM, November 07, 2005  

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