Thursday, August 17, 2006

News for the day

Rakhi Sawant banned

Rakhi Sawant was disallowed by the police from performing at the annual general body meeting of Suchir India Developers Private Limited in Hyderabad. "We don't want obscene gestures", said the police, and in response the organisers asked everyone to bandage their index and middle fingers together.

But good job. This was an annual general body meeting, and the body part was not allowed to dominate.

No forward trading

Prakash Karat of the CPI(M) says, "Ban Forward Trading". This, he says, is bad because there should be, at the very least, Backward Trading, Scheduled Class Trading and Reserved Trading for Communists.

Of course, the real argument is ridiculous: that somehow forward trading in commodities pushes up prices - it really brings about a more informed marketplace. Because as a farmer, knowing prices a year ahead will help me understand what I can sow. "So shall I reap, therefore so shall I sow" is the new adage.

Dr. Beggar is coming

Bangalore will get a new medical college in Beggar's colony. So don't be surprised to see a stethescope knocking on your car window.


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