Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Whisky ne kiya beda paar?

Manmohan Singh Patiala peg is now firmly in the grip of the Air India crew that flew him to Germany. Not because they didn't want him to drink on the plane; but because they wanted to mooch it for themselves. The captain took five "top grade Scotch whisky" bottles, and an attendant another five. Totally, 29 bottles of whisky were stolen.

Twenty nine bottles of whisky. On a flight to Germany.

Now I know why India keels over on every foreign visit by our top guns. They're bloody drunk, that's why. I can imagine how, after winning the 1971 war, we gave back all the territory we had earlier claimed as ours. Alcohol induced insanity.

But these Air India guys are unbelievable. They break into the cabinet of the most protected official of the Indian state, and then steal his whisky! I wonder if the buzz will be worth a jail term.

Turns out if you want to become a steward or air-hostess with Air India, you can't be overweight or have acne or marks on your face. But dark circles are allowed, if they're caused by having too much whisky.


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