Thursday, July 13, 2006

Help the terror whatever little way you can.

It's the most cowardly act known to mankind: terrorism. The people behind the bomb blasts in Mumbai are too scared to show their faces, and perhaps snicker in glee at their TV sets today. But remember, whoever you are: We will find you. But more importantly, we will overcome. You will remain but a blot on the history of Mumbai, and indeed, of India.

I will, starting today, build a separate cash allowance to fund the search for these murderers, and the supari to kill them. It may take years, and we may find them when they are near death, but find them we will.

But there is more to do today than just that. There's a blog called which helps in the search for the injured and the deceased . Mumbai Police have also provided a list, on a per-hospital basis, of the dead and injured victims. Only, it's in Marathi.

If you can read Hindi, you can read Marathi. But thousands of people are looking for their friends and relatives and they perhaps cannot - so help is needed in placing all these names in the "List of the Dead" and "List of the Injured" so that searching is easier.

I've converted four pages, and I'm nearly in tears. Every single name calls out to me as if I knew it closely. Some names ring a bell, but I know no one. The only thing I really know is that their life was snuffed out of them, prematurely, by an insane but planned act.

The anger rages within. Ubiquitous today, perhaps is the hatred of our impotent government, the (shame at the) helplessness of our shackled army, the courage of the rattled mumbaikar. And more commonly, the rage of the unknown Indian...a rage that seethes relentlessly now, at least in *this* Indian.

We will find you, who did this. And we will prevail.


Anonymous Just Mohit said...

I'll send the money for the supari fund. Let me know the bank a/c no.
Will try converting some pages tonight as well.

5:03 PM, July 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Deepak,
I am as shocked as you are. I am as outraged as you are. However it is not correct to take matters into your own hands and start a supari fund etc. There is a high likelihood of affecting innocent people with this vigilantee business. Let us not start a civil war here too like there are groups in Beirut and Palestine. It is for the law enforcement agencies to apprehend and punish the guilty. This will ensure that even if 10 guilty persons get away, not a single innocent person is killed unjustly. Please let us be more disciplined in our approach to solve this problem. Let us demand that our police and security forces are provided the basic needs to fulfil their duties. Please use your fund to donate kelvar vests and for arming our police. Let us shame the politicians to donate some money from their Swiss accounts. We have to win this but in the right way.


1:38 PM, November 27, 2008  

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