Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's football season.

And what better excuse not to have blogged.

I'm into the world cup. So into it that we've converted the hall to a bedroom. You might think it's easier to put the TV in the bedroom. Not when you have a 48" projection TV. Also I need to have my legs on the ground. So that when they don't do simple things like slide in at 250 miles per hour and get their legs on the most fantastically delicious cross ever, I can stand up quickly and say "What the heck!!!!!!!! You miserable losers!" and repeat that until I realise my beer is going flat.

So in the course of football what is also happening is that I'm sleeping at 3 AM. And waking up late and going late to work and appearing groggy all day.

It has turned out that Wimbledon is also going on. I don't know why but Wimbledon always reminds me of Ivan Lendl, who never won Wimbledon but won everything else or something. He lost first long haired chap, and then to Boris Becker. After which he said "Grass is for cows". I thought it was darn funny at the time. For the life of me, I can't remember why. I think I had a lousy sense of humour.

It took me around 8 more years to moo.

But I digress.

Football is incredible because India isn't participating. So I don't give a flying f*** about who's winning as long as they're trying to score goals. I'll cheer Brazil going in, and then I'll be pushing Ghana to score. In the end, no matter who won, I'll be as cheerful as a drunk cheerful guy.

So now, moments:
  • Germany is by far the best team around, at least by the way they've been thrashing everyone
  • Australia deserved to win. And Italy is a spineless piece of crap.
  • The difference between all these teams is not about who's good. They're all bloody good. It's about that one superlative effort that makes or breaks the deal. It's that one Beckham Goal, that Argentinian move, or that Ronaldo drive that seals it up.
  • There are no ads while watching football. Thank you, whoever you are.
  • The Portugal Netherlands match was the stupidest battle in history. Four red cards and some 11 yellows, and some other colours as well.
That's all for now. Will be back with more...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The "Walk from Office" campaign

In light of the fuel price hike by the Indian Government, I'm starting a "Walk from Office" campaign, supported by, currently, me.

The idea is to:
Walk back home from office. My office is less than 4 kilometers away from home, and I can easily walk back in 45 minutes - I take nearly that much to drive in peak traffic. Plus, I get some exercise. If I do this three times a week, I save Rs. 500 per month and perhaps more importantly, one kg per month!

I'll take an auto going up - why? I can't handle a whole workday after huffing and puffing for three quarters of an hour. When I develop more stamina, I'll walk it all.

If you're looking to do this as well, write me a comment. I'll keep the post updated, unless of course, I'm walking.

The Walk from Office List
1) Deepak Shenoy, Bangalore. 3.5 Kilometers.
2) Mohit, Ipswich. Walks *to* office. 1.6 kilometers.
3) Minkey Chief, Somewhere. Office=Home. 50 meters.
4) Vasan, 2930 steps, 2 steps a second, depending on traffic, 25 to 27 minutes. Very complicated maths, that.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sony Ericsson P900 - my review... up at

I'm going to post it here someday, when it gets all old and rusty there.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The Rahul Mahajan Conspiracy Theory that the entire thing was organized by Pepsi. They found Cocaine inside Rahul Mahajan's blood, and the whole story was about "Having Coke is Illegal". And after all, who can be more transcendentally "thanda" than Bibek Moitra, the poor secretary who died of an overdose?