Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kill all the stray dogs

I'm incensed that stray dogs have killed a child in Bangalore. A pack of 15 dogs attacked and killed an 8 year old girl on Jan 5. An in Chandigarh, a 55 year old man was killed by strays.

Stray dogs are dogs without owners, who hang out on the streets like they frikking own them, and were always very violent towards other occupants of the road. They've attacked cyclists and motorbikes all the time. They are stupid enough to try to attack my car too (In response, I've unsuccessfuly attempted to run them over) But when they attack people and will KILL them, it's far beyond time to take action. It's time to wield arms and kill the bastards.

Oh there are animal lover organisations that don't like it one little bit. How can you kill dogs, they say. They're so lovable! Well, so are rats. Rats don't even bite you so much. I don't see no animal organisation asking people not to kill rats.

They also say that we don't own the frikking streets, we should share them with dogs. How about leopards? Just yesterday Mr. Spots appeared in the streets of Nasik and caught. I don't see animal organisations screaming about why we shouldn't be sharing our roads with leopards.

What do I hear you say? Leopards are WILD animals. Well so are stray dogs. In fact all dogs are wild - what makes them tame is only the fact that they have an owner who has the responsibility of keeping the dog from biting or killing someone. Stray dogs have no owner, so they're as wild as any other animal - in fact, any dog which joins a pack becomes ferocious.

The touted cure is to sterilize. Sterilization does not help. It's the fear that is the problem. Does a dog come with a big sign on it's frikking forehead saying "I have no testicles"? So how do you know a dog is sterile? And who's to say there isn't a chance a sterile animal won't be a grumpy bastard and attack a defenceless child anyways? Are you willing to let your children on the streets with this kind of fear?

Stray dogs cause far more damage to the environment than people think. A Indian express mentions:
Stray dogs are incredibly damaging to wildlife, killing untold numbers of monitor lizards, birds, snakes, and other wild creatures. No discerning environmentalist would want to trade our dwindling wildlife for a world of free-ranging feral domestic animals.

Read this article - it gives some amazing perspective.

Ald kill the goddamn stray dogs. All of them. Round them up and give them poisoned injections.

If anyone objects, put the dogs inside their house. Or, if you have the money, drive the dogs into the forest and throw them in there. If the activists can't take care of them, the dogs should just die. Why should our children suffer?

Okay, we may be able to do this in a slightly different way. By using squirrels.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe government should first terminate drunk drivers like Salman Khan and spoilt sons of politicians. They kill more people on the road as compared to stray dogs and definitely add more fear in minds of pedestrians too.

1:32 PM, January 21, 2007  
Blogger Deepak Shenoy said...

There's a legal system that can take care of that stuff. Fixing the legal system is tough but has been happening, hasnt it?

Nothing will change stray dogs' killing syndrome - kill them first.

1:53 PM, January 21, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about this: round up stray dogs in a dog pound, sterilize them and train them for police work. The police could use some ferocious trained dogs and save money on the expensive doberman pedigrees.

Agreed the un-trainable ones would be put to sleep, but the smarter ones would be given a chance to live and be useful.

The point is that due to poor governemnt infrastructure, the dogs (and other animals) are allowed to stay at loose and cause public harm. Agreed that human needs are yet to be taken care of by the government but down the road (say several decades later), if slum dwellers start causing public harm, will we opt for the easy solution and suggest killing them too?

2:32 PM, January 21, 2007  
Blogger Deepak Shenoy said...

Pretty good idea, that. Training them on police work is fantastic stuff, but all strays (and all dogs) are not conducive to training.

Strays can in fact be used for a number of purposes, including as pets, but that requires effort - people who care about dogs should take that effort and not force it down anyone elses throat.

Coming to slum dwellers: Woohoo! They are human, not dogs. Humans are absolutely treated at a different level, which is why we have a legal system. Public harm by humans has a public redressal system!

And slum dwellers are far better, ethically and humanely, than most rich folk I know. The serial "nukkad" if you're old enough to remember, is a reflection.

4:42 PM, January 21, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the slum dweller part. Guess I got too caught up in the whole extermination debate :).

Although I am an animal lover, I can understand the nuisance that uncontrolled animals can cause and am all in favor of a solution for that. The state authorities (like animal control) should work on this. The problem here is that laxity on the authorities' part puts us face to face with ferocious animals who untrained have the tendency to cause public harm.

You gave a good example of a Leopard on loose. It's nature is to hunt and kill, which nevertheless, won't explain deaths it may cause in the city. But, it was carelessness of authorities which caused the animal to prowl in the city and catching it rather than killing it would be the better solution.

In the same spirit, maybe the state authority should catch stray dogs, try to train them and if all efforts fail, kill them. I am not in favor of the quick solution of killing them.

1:15 AM, January 22, 2007  
Blogger Deepak Shenoy said...

True, but there's a solution to the leopard kind of problem: throw the leopard back into the wild. Unfortunately once it knows there's easy kill it will be back, and then it has to be exterminated. Carelessness on the authorities part? I'm not so sure about that - this kind of thing happens all the time even in the most careful of circumstances,even abroad.

I don't mind a "training" effort, but who's going to do it? There are way too many dogs to train, and way too few people to take the effort. If someone wants to set up such a program, heck, set up a donation and see how many contribute!

Overall, there is no other solution right now but to cull. If an alternative can be brought to the table with reality and financing, it would be happily considered, I'm sure. But under no circumstance should the dogs stay on the street.

1:22 AM, January 22, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said... have some good points here. As an immediate solution, I agree that it would be best in public interest to kill the stray dogs. However, I have often seen on programs aired at Discovery and Animal Planet how state authorities in some countries abroad take care of these issues.

There is finance and planning put behind these projects there and has the support of the state government. But these things take time besides moolah and people dedictaed to this cause...most of which, as you mentioned, are currently lacking in our country. Btw, I would be interested to donate towards such organizations, if there are any. Let me know if you know of some.

Anyways, it was good discussing this with you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and perspective on this issue!

4:44 AM, January 22, 2007  
Blogger Deepak Shenoy said...

Same here - It was good discussing with you, and I think there may be a way forward in setting up organisations here that is like a stray-dog-rehab program. Money will probably come, but the will to do it is missing - everyone is too busy to care, or follow up.

CUPA is one organisation - they started fair, until they fell short of money. And then the state govt. gave them money to sterilise dogs, but that hasn't worked (obviously). There's PETA but they are more into animal defence rather than human protection.

Maybe you can blog post about how you think this is done abroad (as far as I know, they cull strays in the west). Perhaps there's a canine (as opposed to humane) way out; but you'll never know unless you explore. I'm sitting on this side of the fence because a) i'm appalled and b) I'm lazy.

11:13 AM, January 22, 2007  
Anonymous Dog Lover said...

Hi Deepak,

While I don't necessarily disagree with your post, I do have a few points to make.

If you do successfully run over a dog, you may damage your suspension and you may have dog bits stuck to the bottom of your car. I wouldn't try it!

In fact all dogs are wild - what makes them tame is only the fact that they have an owner who has the responsibility of keeping the dog from biting or killing someone.

I disagree. I don't think all dogs are wild. They actually cannot survive in the wild any more. They need humans and no, not all dogs are waiting to bite people and not doing so only because a human is holding them back. Most dogs look at humans as Alpha and are submissive to them. The problem with ferocious pets arises when you have people raising dogs without understanding them - and fucking them up (tying them up, beating them, being scared of them but still being aggressive). Dogs aren't "ferocious" by nature.

in fact, any dog which joins a pack becomes ferocious

Packs have all kinds of rules, and ferocity isn't a given. Consider the number of packs of dogs there are on our streets and consider how rarely we hear of humans being killed by those packs. Please note, I'm NOT saying the packs aren't a problem, I'm just saying that it isn't as automatic for a dog in a pack to be ferocious as your post suggests.

Also, sterilised dogs are marked by clipping out a bit of their ears - it's a distinctive V-shaped cut. Of course, it doesn't help that most strays have had their ears shredded in fights... but that's another blog post for another day.

Yes, we need the strays off the street, and if sterilisation doesn't work fast enough, then sadly, euthanisation is the only solution. I'm just a bit startled by how ready you are to blame the dogs and only the dogs in your post. Yes, the dogs killed the child, but what were those dogs doing there in the first place? The person who needs to be thrown to these dogs is the guy who's taking a cut of our taxes putatively to buy dog vans and pay dog keepers and getting his daughters married off instead.

And if I may ask a personal question: Have you been attacked/badly scared by a dog at some point in your life? You don't seem to like them much, and erroneously assume they're all killer bastards. We're the killer bastards.

4:51 AM, January 24, 2007  
Blogger Deepak Shenoy said...

Dog Lover: Point taken about the suspension!

I don't know about non-ferocious dogs. I've seen the calmest, quietest of pet dogs rip apart a puppy, and then going back to calm again. Again, the problem is that even if they are ferocious once in their life, they're ferocious period, to a third party. Humans are ferocious in the same way - look at the calm, quiet me asking for a dog massacre.

Dogs are great pets. I just think stray dogs are as wild as any other wild animal, and in packs, generate a fear psychosis among humans. The only way to avoid that is to take them out of the street.

Didn't know about the V-Cut in the ear either. But this calls for the Funnel Web analogy - you can recognise the highly poisonous funnel web spider from other harmless spiders from the position of a mating organ on the spider. Think about it though: A funnel web spiders poison can kill you in 15 minutes. If, in Australia, a spider is close to you, do you think you'll spend any time wondering if it has a mating organ located on its underside?

Most likely you'll run like hell. Which is what you'll want to do when a stray dog growls at you, ignoring chances to recognise ear notches.

And one point I absolutely agree with: The government is a big culprit. They've been paid to take care of dogs and they are not, and that is plainly unacceptable. But what I ask - to cull or forest-relocate strays - is for the government itself, and failing that, us private citizens. CUPA and PETA are also paid to keep the streets safe, but they've not done their bit (either that or the governmetn hasn't paid them).

And Yes, I've been scared by dogs. I love pet dogs, don't get me wrong - in fact, when I have a house big enough, I will get myself a labrador pup. But I hate stray dogs because a) they've bitten my friends and other people in front of me, and b) the fear they induce in me is not funny. I'd rather be a dog-killer than have to face the fear everyday - note that this applies only to dogs, not to humans.

12:07 PM, January 24, 2007  
Anonymous Dog Lover said...

Re: the funnel spider - I'm a little confused. Are you assuming that sterilisation makes a dog safer? Oh, I understand - that a sterilised dog is probably less territorial and therefore won't attack? I actually thought the sterilisation was so that they wouldn't procreate and therefore the population would gradually, humanely die out. I'm not sure now...

I know that I've seen many, many dogs with the V cut. But I honestly have no clue if enough have been sterilised - it just seems to me that there are fewer dogs around then from when I was younger.

I haven't ever seen a stray dog bite somebody though! That must be freakin' scary. I must say though, that body language is everything with a dog. I've had a couple of strays get aggressive, I've just looked at them in the eyes (quavering inside - they have HUGE teeth) and raised my hand and called them every name I can think of, advancing slowly. They're cowards, they just turn and run. And once they do, you can relieve your knocking knees by chasing the mofas right around the block!!

Sometimes when we were chased by dogs on bikes, we'd stop, and the pillion guy would jump off and CHARGE at them - they'd all skid to a halt like in the cartoons and run helter skelter yelping like idiots.

In a car, we would slow down, and my friend would lean out of the window and loudly bark at them. Again, they'd shut the F up instantly. Good fun. The trick is to show them who's boss, hence the - back to the sad reason for your post - child and old man being attacked.

Really horrible. And what about those cases abroad, where people keep banned dangerous breeds that end up killing kids...

2:28 AM, January 25, 2007  
Blogger Deepak Shenoy said...

Dog Lover: I think the sterilization is about making them less aggressive, rather than population control.

Heh - I don't think I'd look a stray dog pack in the eye, mate. I think one dog is usually ok - you can deal with them in different ways, and you're right, they're scared shitless when they're one. The problem is packs. See them attacking bikes. In fact see one dog on a street, it will lie low. Two more join it and suddenly it think chasing moving objects is fair game. Not so if the moving object is you, or much worse, your child.

I'm not scared of strays or of being bitten myself. I'm young, healthy and rich enough to get a rabies injection and a shot gun so I can blow their intestines out after the injection.

I'm mortally afraid of my children getting bitten. And yours. I don't even want them to have the fear, mate...who wants to live in a society when you fear to tread on the road ahead?

11:13 AM, January 25, 2007  
Anonymous Dog Lover said...

Heh - I don't think I'd look a stray dog pack in the eye, mate.

:) This is true. May be it's time to raise a pack of hunting squirrels. Or employ some of these guys.

12:35 AM, January 26, 2007  
Blogger Raj said...

Just stumbled on this very old post. I have to tell you that the problem aint over yet.
I have a dog shitting outside my house(which is inside a society).
This dog just does not get the message.
But we have a lady keep a bucket of water because the dogs are thirsty.

My sister wanted to go jogging and some dogs used to trouble her. She called the municipality.
The people around that region chased them away and came to our house(women) to give badwords to my sister, fortunately for them I was not there.
I know a friend who has trained dobermans who will attack anyone he shows.
I would have just called him and told him to get all his 7 dogs and made them shred all those women to pieces.
They cannot even give a police complaint and they will know what if feels like to be bitten.
10 grams of MSG can kill a dog.
Put it in chicken soup(not milk as milk can reduce its effeciency and is costly too, soup made from waste chicken parts is cheaper) and keep them on the roads everyday.
What can they do.
MSG is good for health and is a taste enhancer.
So we just want the dogs to eat "tasty" soup.
A kg of MSG is damn cheap when bought in bulk. I think we need to setup a anti-dog group and place bowls of "tasty" chicken soup everywhere(just like the women in my society places water for them).
In a few months the dogs will be eradicated.
BTW do you know the root cause of the problem.
Dog owners. especially the ones that own bitches.
yes they are the ones who are the cause of this stray dog menace.
A stray dog or the neighbour dog screws their bitch and they end up with a litter of 8 pups maximum they end up giving out 3-4 pups for free then they just take the remaining pups and leave them near a market.(they love dogs too much to kill them) and that is what causes the stray dog menace.
I think there should be legal control
Where only dog breeders can keep bitches as pets.
Or else dog breeder who sells bitches should remove the ovaries of the bitch and sell them it should be a law on that

3:09 PM, July 16, 2009  

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