Monday, October 06, 2003

A new look

The unknown indian will sport a french beard. The current status is a little better than fungus, but it seems to have attracted attention. The good kind. We'll leave it at that.

Oh yes, and I'm the CEO now. It's a much better title than "Director". I'm not sure if it's a promotion but I swear I'll treat it like one. I find the responsibility disconcerting - "take the company to a new level" seems to be the need of the day. We could take the second floor...but I have an uncanny feeling that's not what's expected. The role has come, will we get anywhere? Where do we go from here? And where the heck are we? Questions, Questions and more Questions. The entrepreneur will have to find the answers, and here I am, finding only questions - yet, there's a hope somewhere. I think we should be able to sell our services to bigger and more established enterprises. And how I plan to do it will have to be relegated to the next blog, because hey I'm still starting to build on the thought.

Abstruce and obscure. No committments. That's what it's been all about so don't worry if you're confused. The light will come.