Sunday, January 29, 2006

Vasantahabba 2007: how we can make it happen.

As we all know by now, Vasantahabba 2006 has been cancelled for lack of funds. Vasantahabba 2007 is still a possibility though, and I had written to Lynne asking her what we can do to help.

I just got a reply from Lynne Fernandez at Nrityagram. Here's the content:

Dear Deepak,
Thank you very much for your email - when I get letters like yours, I feel
motivated to continue to work and make Nrityagram and Vasantahabba a
I welcome any kind of help and support - let me know how you can help and we
can take it from there.
And yes, we accept any kind of donation, no matter how small! After all we
have been built on donations and goodwill.
The sponsorship for VH is approx 20 lakhs (it was this year - next year we
may have to increase depending on prices). And we can get sole sponsor or
co-sponsors. as long as we cover the cost, am fine - we usually do not make
any money on it or even attempt to.
More soon.
Can we all do something to aid Vasantahabba next year? The sponsorship is only Rs. 20 Lakhs, around that of a college festival nowadays! And for this amount, we get an amazing coterie of top class artistes, dance shows, music and the unforgettable ambience.

Many of us have been there, and if they'd charged an entry fee, we would surely have paid. If I paid 1000 rupees for a concert, I would surely pay that for a Vasantahabba! All we have to do is find 2,000 such people who will pay 1000 Rupees each. Is this possible?

Or, can we get our companies to put in Rs. 10,000 each? An Infosys could easily sponsor the event completely, and so can the IBMs, Googles and Microsofts. But can we get to them?

I'm willing to give it a shot.

I will find out what we must to do, who can we send cheques to, address details etc. I'll post the answers here, very soon.

Meanwhile, feel free to contact Nrityagram or Lynne at:

Tel: +91 80 28466313 / 4
Email: nrityagram AT


Blogger Ranjana said...

That is sooooooo cool. I was very upset about Habba being cancelled and then someone I know was told by Nrityagram that Habba 2004 was the last. I know a little bit about this sponsorship thing and I would love to help them get sponsors for Habba 2007. My email address is .

As for people paying Rs. 1000 to attend, I don't think thats happening. Frankly, how many people would choose to spend soooo much on one programme. Very few. And secondly, if you do that, you put it out of the reach of students and young workers. I mean, if a family of four has to spend 4 grand on attending Habba, they'd rather spend a night at Frangipani than go to Nrityagram.

And it would help if they stop asking for their website to be sponsored and start WORKING on it. It is so damn outdated. Some major updates are needed there.

Lots of other things could be done.

3:49 AM, February 05, 2006  

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