Thursday, January 05, 2006

The curious gawked.

Yep, there's another fundoo post at The Renegade of Junk. Which, by the way, is a phenomenal blog of the really unknown indian in Pittsburgh, PA.

And he mentions that he saw the IIPM full page ad a few days ago. I saw it too, on TOI, Bangalore. Been there, done that, and seen the siloutted ponytail. The things they do to make him look fair as in "fair and handsome", which might actually be an IIPM initiative.

The ad contains an article by Lassi-Malai-maar-ke Chaudhuri. About "Why IIPM's Course is Superior to Other MBAs", and Mr. Gawker has a good handle on their salient points.

Anyhow. Here's what else is wrong with the ad:
11) Malay says the IIMs "raised their fees to exorbitant levels" (or some such thing) to compete with the ISB style wham-bam-thank-you-maam MBAs. And in this IIPM is somehow supposed to be the saviour of the masses. Someone forgot to mention that IIPM's fees are around the 8 Lakh area which makes IIM sound like a non profit organization.

12) The IIMs are restricting supply of good MBAs, and therefore, keeping MBA salaries high, says Mr. Chaudhuri (Senior). Duh. So my guess is, IIPM is doing its bit to REDUCE MBA salaries by getting out MORE graduates, who have just paid 8 Lakhs for a non-recognized degree. If salaries get lesser, Mr. Chaudhuri will become Late Mr. Chaudhuri.

13) IIPM is inviting everyone including IIM candidates for interviews to jobs there. I think the salary package might go like this:

a) Basic package: 8 lakhs (for IIM people 3 lakhs, since we're covering only your MBA fee)
b) Study allowance: None. Why bother.
c) Allowance to prepare papers for publication in IIPM web site or magazine: Rs. 100,000.
d) Allowance to prepare papers for publication in academic indian or international journals: What are you smoking, dude.
e) Rights to advertise your degree: Rs. 15 for IIPM students, Rs. 100,000 for IIMers. (No allowance for Islamia Institute of Management)
f) The feeling of telling the world we have an IIMer working for us: Priceless.

14) IIPM has a 1944 hours of coursework versus some 1500 or so for IIMs. And EVEN lesser for ISB, Hyderabad. They're all bastards, he seems to say. How can you not have enough hours of coursework? IIPM believes in putting more and more coursework such as:
- create arbitrary blogs linking to IIPM site and praising the ponytail
- vandalize wikipedia content where IIPM ain't cuttin' edge

I think what they mean is "of-course work". The art of breeding yes-men.

Apart from this, I believe IIPM is a fine institute except it hasn't been fined yet. (Insert laugh track here)


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