Tuesday, November 29, 2005

IIPM: it doesn't seem to be over just yet.

There's a lot of action happening at Wikipedia's IIPM entry.
The History section shows at least 50 Entries, with at least nine entries dated 29 November 2005. Jeezus.
And while I was writing this blog post, someone named "iipmstudent9" came in and vandalised the page, removing many of the items that weren't bowing to the IIPM highness.

So I, muttering under my breath, registered in Wikipedia and reverted the edits.

But check out the Talk Section of the entry. There's extensive conversation between Ravikiran R, Kunal (on one side) and a drnaomchomsky (who later changed to IipmStudent9).

IipmStudent9 is described as An alias used by a group of IIPM students, dedicated to fighting the lies and misinformation spread by IIM-alumnus, whose burning jealousy is the subject of much laughter on IIPM's campus. Considering the size of their average campus, this is probably more like a snicker than a laugh. Anyhow.

Just a clarification: I'm not an IIM-ian. I'm just a regular guy, with no MBA degree, that is absolutely ticked off with the lies and fraudulent behaviour of IIPM.


Anonymous DrStravinsky said...

Right now it seems like iipmstudent9 is buzzing around the wiki to get other 'observers' and folks to get the revert war to come to a halt....

oh well... :)

and a hilarious quote i've seen on one of the talk pages that iipm student 9 has been to :-D

"they only want to see negative info go on IIPM's Wiki"

Oh Pray! just when did IIPM get ownership of wikipedia ? LOL!

8:09 PM, November 30, 2005  

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