Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Farishta ki Jai. Worldspace ki Jai.

I'm an avid Ghazal fan, and I was recently listening in to one of Farishta's Ghazal shows. Farishta is a radio channel on the Worldspace Network, by the way.

So there was this contest, and I mailed in my answer. And to my surprise, they sent me a personally autographed Ghulam Ali CD. I mean a CD signed by the master himself. My brain can't even process this information. I'm shell shocked.

Two reasons. One, Ghulam Ali is one of the bestest, fantasticest, geniusest singers I've ever heard. He makes me forget my English.

Two: I've never won in any contest like this. I always thought it was a con job. I guess it took a Farishta to open my eyes. My thanks goes to all of you at Farishta, and please, keep it going. I love your channel.


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