Thursday, April 24, 2003

Welcome back, Mr. Shenoy

It's been a while. Last entry on Thursday? Okay let me get to what I did again.

Friday was the first day I climbed the wall. Hoisting a 79 kg body up a partial overhang proved impairingly difficult. To top it all the ladies there seemed to be built of feathers or something - or, in my opinion, they're just being favoured by gravity. Anyways. Life's few uncertain moments. Climbing happened on Saturday too and a wonderful one on Sunday at Ramnagar. I don't know about this man and nature feels like one thing but you can say this - rocks don't like you climbing on them. Yep, they're around and it can be mighty scary a few dozen feet vertically up, but eventually you get the hang of it. Trust your feet, they say. Sounds easy, doesn't it? What you've been trusting all along, my dear friend, is gravity. Try trusting your feet when they're horizontal. They can take your weight, but you'll never know unless you let it go. The unsung heroes, to melodramatize the situation.

It's interesting to see discipline and arrogance in one sly shot. I don't know if I can stand arrogance in someone else - maybe there's too much in me to allow anyone else to flaunt theirs. I can't say who but it occured to me that I admire a little bit of arrogance, and *shrug* away excess amounts of it. But it rankles within to see unbridled superfluousness - the kind that some people have that somehow indicates innate superiority. Phooey I say.

Ghazals are back again.
shahar me.n sab ko kahaa.N milatii hai rone kii fursat
apanii izzat bhii yahaa.N ha.Nsane ha.Nsaane se rahii


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