Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Why is this funny?

Just what is it about people and humour? What makes them feel that just because something is funny, it can no longer generate passion or emotion? Jeez. Why do I rant, you ask. Well, I've just found out Jyothi's performance was berated as a "comedy show" because it had undertones of the evil humour monster. As in, they were funny on stage, and somehow that's bad because it doesn't generate the kind of emotion that is required by playback, which is a form of un-scripted, impromptu theatre that requires an actor to regurgitate what she has heard in a highly emotional manner, which can't involve lots of humour even though the audience enjoys it because we say so, dammit, and you guys are new to this and you'll learn. This is not just unflattering, it's ridiculous. What gets me is the suggestion that there can be "too much" humour. Well, picture this: An audience that's just given you a fairly funny story to recide - and have laughed through the story teller's recital. Now, the actors are supposed to somehow mellow that down into a emotional goose pimple generating rendition which makes them cry? Hello? You already have the audience smiling, it's time to get them in splits!!! Sounds logical to me. I guess it isn't the story of everyone's life, but why we over-emphasize and under-laugh is beyond me.

Learn to smile a little more. And for heaven's sake, use your eyes.


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