Friday, April 11, 2003

Main aur meri tanhai

Aksar ye baatein karte hain. Ki why the heck am I sitting on the net at 2 AM, watching pretty pictures of a pretty Zinta, wondering if I should, at some point, go to sleep.

Pray tell me why we give so much bhaav to family cand community. I've been reading Business Maharajas by Gita Piramal, where either one is a Marvadi, a Parsi, a Bania or an insignificant pain in the posterior. Or nearly so. Anyways, community seems to have a big time influence over these "150 billion" rupee companies. 150 billion? Excuse my sorry ass, but we don't talk in billions in this country, Mrs. Piramal. We say "Crores". And please roll the tongue properly, otherwise we'll send you straight to jail. Do not collect $200.

But, as usual, I've digressed. Community. This phenomenon that's supposed to bind these massive businesses together - Birla (the Aditya Types, and even GD) supposedly keeps his senior folks primarily Madu. And Tata, Parsi. Reasons? Whoever knows....maybe they like looking at each other and saying 'At least you can't call me Kanjoos Marvadi'. (In the interest of political correctness, kindly introduce something there for Parsi's too - Ed. Phooey - Deepak) I found phenomenon closer to home - There's this female in dancing class who we found was Madu. So I'm like Oh! And she's like so who else is, and I looked towards Mugs. (Really, really sorry for this, Mugs) And suddenly there was pyaar. There was suddenly nirvana, and extreme juxtaposition of the woman with Mugs, which led to Mugs looking so uncomfortable I nearly committed the proverbial hara-kiri for my sin. It was amazing though - the fact that one is a Madu is binding even though we've danced together for what 2 months now? We kokke's suck at this and I'm so so glad. Actually we don't - I've had enough kokke bull to last me a lifetime. Remember the next door neighbour who said "We should produce more kids because the non-brahmins are producing more and therefore we're going to get extinct". And the man who said marry someone who'll "preferably" not work, so she can take care of my mom. Ok, that's a personal piss-off thing that I put into the kokke bracket, but you get my drift.

Meri tanhai is telling me to get the heck out of here. Buh bye for now.


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