Monday, April 14, 2003

I'm not impressed by the Goddess. Varsha in her latest has turned out a damp squib. The article's interesting in that there's a tremendous amount of fighting spirit in there. But it falls short, severely short of making the Price of Robert lower. Don't get me wrong - I don't agree with Robert - I do believe Indians are good fighters, and we've kicked the Paki ass more than a few times. But the arguments she used were, subtly put, irrelevant. Hightlighting phrases such as " well-defended strong points and fortresses without a fight, desertion of his area... " are terribly inconclusive, since the context is not given and we have no idea if whoever wrote it is talking about India or Pakistan. And highlighting "Guard of honour" ?????? But if you want an argument about how we crushed, nah...destroyed, nah...annihilated the Pakis in the 1971 skirmish (I can't think of it as a war. That's for equals) look at this page. Sadly, the Surrender isn't written - but I'm sure we saw the tails between the legs.

Reliance is now declaring CDMA has won. We are getting phenomenally ridiculous here. Get this from - the actual price of the service is hidden.
a) You can only send SMSes to other Reliance users. Okay, that might go away.
b) The first 400 minutes are free. After 500 minutes of 40 p per minute (which again doesn't include interconnect charges) you pay a whopping Rs. 1.90 per minute surcharge.
c) Sehwag ki ma ka ad was the worst ad of the century.

The third is my opinion of course, but what the heck. CDMA has won? Tumhaari maa ka!



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