Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ooh, it's started.

So I mentioned earlier that IIPM's trying to use Wikipedia for marketing. A "Mrinal" had suddenly appeared on the scene, threatening to remove any elements that don't reflect IIPM's vast superiority over mere mortal business schools. Out of the blue, Mr. Mrinal, who does not log on to Wikipedia but names himself, ostensibly so that anyone can call himself/herself "Mrinal", had set a deadline - the Wikipedia page would be changed without mercy on December 10.

Probably the Delhi sealing held him up, but Mrinal is back now. And changing the IIPM page furiously because, let's face it, this is the #3 link when you search for "IIPM".

The talk page has his war cry:
Hi Makrand, I accept what you and Deepak are saying. I think that if we believe in freedom of expression without benchmarking it with others, then just the three of us can keep having a debate forever. But I appreciate your and Deepak's inputs. So I'll start making changes from this week onwards. If you don't like it, do please revert them. And if I don't like your reverts, I'll revert the same back. Let's go on doing that till we reach a negotiated conclusion (or one of us blinks first :-)). Best wishes, Take care, and let the reverts begin :-)

He's now made massive changes, removing all elements of the controversy. And when I revert, stating this is not acceptable, he goes and does it again. Three times today, already and probably starting a major revert war.

I'm not going to let them get away with this.


Blogger Vasan said...

Manzilen apni jagah hain, raste apni jagah. Choose the road based on your destination, not the other way round.

I don't get the point about your obsession with IIPM. OK, so you wrote a few things, and someone unwrote them. So what? Hurt ego? Go have a smoke, that'll cure it.

Couple of years back, Venkat asked me for a reco. He wanted to join IIPM, and get a "menagement" degree.

You don't know Venkat. Pure veggie. Worse than me, doesn't even touch eggs. The other day, he picked up a fruit-jam sandwich from the ITPL basement shop (I forget the name). Looked delicious, I asked: Hey, that looks tempting, can I have a bite? Of course, and he shoved the plate under my nose. I took a big bite and said "Delicious!". It was, believe me.

But he wouldn't take his plate back. "Have it all, Vasan!". Stumped, but I had it all. I have to walk back from office to atone for that sinful jam sandwich, but just in case you didn't realize (as I did not, that time), it had been rendered jhoota, and therefore, inedible by Venkat. PURE veggie, as I said. Does not even eat E Coli.

OK, let's pop the stack and get back to the point ...

I willingly gave him the reco, but advised completely against it. You just don't do part-time or correspondence B-school, believe me. It doesn't make any sense. The B is not remotely as important as the school. Unless you are in for the chhaapa.

Anyways, he gave up after a year and moved on. Nasty stuff, he said. Cheats, he said. Money down the tube. Faculty is all bogus, what they say is not what they do. Who they say is not what they are. (No, no gender test involved, they were not athletes).

Sorry as I felt, couldn't but discourage him: at least finish it man! Get the stamp! But no, that was not what he was after. He was looking for education. HA!

He just happened to choose the wrong raasta for his manzil. But then, there are scores of others, looking for the chhaapa. From your description, it seems they are attracting the right people. NO, I did not go to Wikipedia, spare me.

Live and let go. Osho and P. Saravanan Muthu are far more interesting topics. I expect only another month of entertainment from you .. what with fatherhood and stuff.

I wish you would not waste your breath on IIPM. You got talent, man. Write, instead about the she-male from Pudukottai. For example, why the chromosome test? Olage nodidhare sakilva?

2:08 AM, December 21, 2006  
Blogger Vasan said...

Sorry about the premature clickulation.

has_problem(blogger) || has_problem(me) || die "You are wrong";

2:15 AM, December 21, 2006  
Blogger Deepak Shenoy said...

Vasan, Bloody hilarious man!!!! I get your point, and I'm quite happy to take your advise. I shall go down the writing-about-chromosomal-abnormalities route rather than the fetid-management-institute propaganda.

Thoust aren't any less by the way, why don't you start blogging?

11:15 AM, December 21, 2006  
Blogger Deepak Shenoy said...

Yes, Should. Life has gotten very boring and financial and all that. Thanks, will get act together and all!

9:52 PM, February 17, 2013  

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