Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's time to buy a yellow TV.

It'll match the colour of what's being shown on it.

No, really. It seems there was a 30 minute Rani Mukherjee piece on primetime news, celebrating her birthday. 30 minutes for her birthday. On a news channel. Reality check time. news channels: This is NOT news. This is bullshit. And very yellow, at that.

You want more? Check out the The Shakti Kapoor Sting, and reactions here. And then they did it on Aman Verma as well. In both cases, these "stings" seemed to be soo over the top that the girls practically requested for sex before the hormones of the "stung" kicked in. Overzealous sting operators are bigger arseholes than the stung.

And the best is this article. TV channels showing a man who saw Yama and know, it's kinda weird that such an article comes from TOI.


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