Monday, November 14, 2005

Bloggers Stung in Operation

Or so I glean from Ravikiran's post. S'posedly Some Bloggers met in Delhi. S'posedly there was journalist posing as bee in sting operation. S'posedly he was Manipuri, which is where Uloopi, one of Arjuna's wives was from. That was a long time ago, so don't go looking for her now.

Also Manipur is famous for a lot of things including eating fish that has been buried a few weeks ago. We currently cannot find other things Manipur is famous for, but we are digging it up and in the process, finding lots of fish.

Anyways, the Bee Stung in the MSM world. Which, after some googling, found "Main Stream Media". So Mr Bee said, in "Delhi Times":

Bloggers are Bad, because they call a four people episode a "Delhi Bloggers Meet". Bloggers are pathetic because half of them (?) are IT professionals. And they only bash the MSM, often with little or no substantiation. And they don't have no journa-listic skills, and we the MSM ain't afraid of you, no way, so tell me bitch, who's your daddy now, huh.

Or something of that sort. That riled everyone in the "blogosphere" (that term again) of Delhi and other places closely related to Delhi, unless they are married and filing jointly.

So a mini bloggers unite happened, and people threw dirt, washed linen in public and generally created a big fuss. The Bee got ticked off at the Manipur attacks, people quoted Wikipedia as the Oracle, others said How dare He, and he said How dare They.

Aaj ke samachar samapt hue. Ab aaj ke vichaar suniye.

Delhi times is a tabloid for heaven's sake. This is like Bangalore Times, except it's in Delhi. (Duh) And if it's anything like BT, the only nice things about it are a) Calvin and Hobbes and b) Sudoku. (You could say the TV listings are nice. You could be that bored) Most of the rest is arbitrary dhanda chaap, most of Love in the time of astrology. Take appropriate amounts of salt before reading.

Next, Bloggers, MSM bashers, Stung operators: He's partly right, isn't he? Journalists will do selective journalism and so will those of you who aspire to be the next news channel. You still have a long way to go before you reach Ramu kaka and Birju halwai. And if you said "elite", boo. Which field's radish are you?

Blogging is largely opinion. Which is different from fact. It sometimes helps dig out facts, but it's rarely, if ever, unbiased. And journalists aren't any different - by the end of an article, it's fairly obvious which side of the fence they're from.

I don't pretend to be a journalist. I'm not. I'm not in the caliber of a journalist who can write pages and pages about how Monica Bedi refused to eat rice and rasam but might have shared her food with a co-inmate in jail. I'm never going to be a sting operator, unless you could the times I've played "Englishman in New York" at parties.

So if you think any of my writing is unsubstantiated or other very long words, I don't give a rat's ass. Or Murine Posterior, as the real journalists, who haven't stood up, would say.


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