Friday, April 21, 2006

Enter the blopycats

There's a new face in blog-town. Blopycats, as I choose to call those that will shamelessly purloin content from the web and paste them on their own blog. They refuse to give credit - no, that would be terrible - and sometimes, when the conscience pricks, will change a few words "here and there". The sun is always shining becomes Shining always, is the sun. Or even Always the sun is shining.

They don't mind that the language is inconsistent, or that deleting punctuation could cause severe grammatic damage. Or that the original author spent a lot of time phrasing the very sentences that were heartlessly "blagiarized". And later, they will shed a tear or wipe their harried brow when they receive applause for their "wonderful post".

Blopying isn't "new": it's existed ever since someone invented Copy+Paste. The idea is simple: Visit a web page; Look left and right; nobody's watching; Copy and Paste the content to blog; Close the original web page. Sounds suspiciously similar to someone stealing something? It is, as per this link. (thanks to Madman and Amit Verma)

Now for some egg-samples.

The Blopiers, and their Blopy-rating:

1) Anushka : This one seems to have copied from a TON of sites; Read more at Shilpa Bhatnagar's blog.
Copied from:
Shilpa Bhatnagar (blopy)
Dr. Ahmed Adam (blopy)
Michael Millet (blopy)
Makarand Paranjape (blopy)
Lots of people Link1 (blopy), Link2 (blopy)
Yash Sehgal (blopy)

Blopy-rating: Dirty Disgusting Stinking Rat. Defends her copying by deleting comments questioning her, does some ridiculous counter posturing by saying she'll sue. It's more su-su than anything else.

2) Rahul Mishra: Copied from Anuradha Ganapathy. Read about it here.
Copied from:
Anuradha Ganapathy (blopy)
A lot more, it seems. Help!

Blopy-rating: Stinking Rat. Could be Ignorance but has been warned and still keeps the posts there.

3) Rohan Pinto: Was "outed" by MadMan and Amit Verma. Full story is here.

Blopy-rating: Ignoranus. Yep, google for it.

The Outing tools
Darn good tool; enter your URL and check for copies. Nobody copied me. Or they did but copy-escaped. Ha.
Gimme more.

I will soon come out with another plagiarizer post. I's done some research and this is worse than disgusting scum because he makes you pay for it. Asshole.


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